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Visas and Special Programs


  •  You have a tourist visa, you liked Panama and you want to stay some more days; without exceeding the 90 days allowed you can apply for a Request of Extension of Tourist Visa.
  • If you are a Foreign Pensioner or Retired Person and you want to live in Panama, you can apply for the Permanent Resident Visa due to Special Policies, as pensioner or retired person.
  • If you are a foreigner who has his/her own capital of overseas origin, to invest in Panama, you can apply for the Permanent Resident Visa for Economic Reasons or as an Individual with his/her own Economic Solvency.
  • If you are Italian, and want to live and work in Panama, then you may apply for the Permit of Indefinite Residence, based In The Bilateral Convention Between Italy and Panama.
  • If you are a retired foreigner you can opt for Temporal Permits due to Special Policies, as a Retired Person of Independent Means – Obtaining Panamanian Passport.
  • If you like Panama and want to engage in agricultural and livestock activities, you can obtain the Temporal Permit as an Agricultural Investor in Panama.
  • If you are interested in the environment, but you seek incentives that provide to you security concerning the management and exploitation of forest investment in Panama, then the best thing for you is to get now a Temporal Permit As Forest Investor in Panama.
  • You are a foreign expert or technician specialized in an activity, a Panamanian company has contracted you to work in Panama, we offer you Temporal Permits for a person Contracted as an Expert.
  • You are a foreigner who does not possess his/her own income and you want to work for a company with less than 10 Panamanian workers, apply to the Temporal Permit For Foreign Personnel Contracted by Panamanian Companies * Marrakech Agreement (Marrakech is the norm that ratifies Panama’s membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO). It is a sort of wild card since it allows companies to have ordinary, specialized or trustworthy personnel, without requiring the requisites for the 10% or 15% regarding contracting of nationals).
  • You are a foreigner who works in a Panamanian company and you don’t have enough income to pay your expenses, then you can opt for a Temporal Permit for Foreign Personnel Contracted for Private Companies of Panama Within the 10% of the Ordinary Personnel.
  • For those who seek Panama as a destination of investments and also as a place of residence there is the Visa for Investors in Real Estate and Immovables.