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Bahamas Offshore


On The Bahamas the company formation procedure will take about 1 or 2 days, the name of the company will be the one that you decided. The firm will handle the preparation and will fulfill the registration of the corporation on your behalf. This is a real simple procedure you can complete it from your own house (It is not necessary for you to visit The Bahamas or Panama).

After receiving the confirmation from the authorities, we will email you with the registration details. Then, our team will send you a file containing all the official documentation.

Companies incorporated in The Bahamas are exempt from any kind of taxation, are empowered to conduct all types of business and may have clients, contractors, suppliers and employees from any country.

Having a corporation in The Bahamas will grant you with the following advantages:

  • You can maintain the service through lawyers
  • The anonymity is guaranteed
  • The highest level of privacy protection
  • Companies are exempt of taxation
  • Not taxation on any kind of income
  • Do not need accounting requirements
  • Accountants free for charged
  • The auditing is not necessary
  • There are not requirements on profession nor financial standing
  • Limited liability without any paid up capital requirement
  • Do not need reporting requirements
  • The business can be conducted internationally