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Limited Liability Companies in Panama (SRL )



LLCs are known for their abbreviation LTD or SRL or the abbreviation LLC (Limited Liability Companies); are associations of individuals or companies to run something in common. In this they differ from the anonymous corporations. Panama Limited Liability Companies are attractive, eliminate the risk generated by the individual activity of people, using an intermediary corporation which responds only to the extent of their participation.

The fiscal environment of these companies allow, in countries where they are used, eliminating the taxation of business profits of the company, leaving only what corresponds to its members separately, according to their participation in society, thus eliminating a possible double taxation.

It is important to note that Panama Limited Liability Companies, while they have no local operations are exempt from paying taxes for their operations update or consume exclusively abroad.

The object can be wide, to allow the company to engage in any lawful activity without limitations.

The Marine Limited Liability Companies (LLC) in Panama complement the range of instruments that the Republic of Panama already has, such as Corporations or Limited Public Corporations, Private Interest Foundations, Trust and banking.