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Patrimonial organization and taxes

Asset Protection

A society , once formed , can own and acquire any number of property such as real estate, boats, art , intellectual property , bank accounts, etc. and run businesses without the need to disclose the identity of the owners of the company . This is common for those who want obtain an excellent protection of their property.

Investment Fund in Panama

An investment fund in Panama is a useful and convenient tool abroad (offshore ) . Having a foundation in Panama , a bank account in Panama and a company in Panama is usually sufficient ; but add an investment fund this combination may be convenient when the purpose is not anonymous, but transparency along with asset protection and transferability of them.

Privacy and Anonymity

In Panama , a society can be created with only three directors . These can be residents and nationals of any country , can also be some other society . Their names will appear in the Public Registry , but are not necessarily the owners of the company and its assets. The shares of Panamanian corporations may be issued in bearer form ; therefore, the person who is in possession of the stock certificate is the owner. Carriers of actions are completely anonymous , because there are no requirements for registration in Panama

Although it is established that the company’s shares must be registered in the articles of incorporation of the company , only must register the number of bearer shares and not the names of those who holds.

The articles of incorporation of society exist to indicate the purpose for which society is formed , and these can be as broad or as specific as you want, they can have all the provisions they want, stating when and where will the meetings shareholders , for example, or what the duration of the company, if formed for this specific purpose .

Although the creation of the company can be witnessed by lawyers and others , once the carriers of actions have been established, the property of the company can be transferred simply from one hand to the new bearer share certificate without the need for witnesses, a notary or any other third party.

This makes very valuable actions, of course (if they are lost , they are stolen or destroyed may be replaced ). The identity of the ultimate owner of the company remains anonymous. The property may be transferred to any number of times, as many as you like. It becomes a simple exchange of stock certificates. His legal representative in Panama can help you create it, and ensure that the original directors of the company are maintained at the level of privacy and anonymity you need

Flexible and Payable

A Panamanian corporation or a company in Panama requires no minimum capital to be created , unlike other jurisdictions around the world , and an annual rate of only USD $ 300 . This allows the creation of multiple companies when necessary . A use tax planning can be , for example, a society can be created only for the purpose of acquiring a property , which can be simply transferred to a new owner through the exchange of share certificates of society; thus the taxes that are generated after a typical sale of a property are avoided. No tax on the sale or transfer of shares of a company in Panama .

Nor are there tax reports required of Panamanian companies that carry out business outside of Panama . No tax income generated outside the country, and there are no taxes on capital gains on investments of society. In short , only the profits from business in Panama are tax , and all its international business and remain completely private holdings , according to the Law of Panama .