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Rights of Ownership


If you are thinking in buying properties under Rights of Ownership, in the first place we must clarify that it is not the same as buying plots of land with titles of ownership. There is no way of effectively clearing an occupied plot of registered defects. It is better not to make any payment to the salesman; in this case it is appropriate to make an agreement with a deposit of an Escrow instead of a Buy-Sell Agreement when buying a plot already occupied. In this way you can sign your agreement without risking the funds. Our forensic firm will work with your salesman to assure that this occupied plot gets to be titled or granted by means of a government concession, it will proceed with the payment and closure of the agreement in accordance with the terms of the Agreement of the Deposit in Escrow and will ensure your title or concession by receiving a satisfactory Report of Ownership. You may not “buy” rights of ownership, but you can make them to be transferred to you.


  • • You should be sure that all neighbors agree with the sale, the boundaries and the measurement.
  • • It is particularly important that you assess the relation of “owners” and find out about any dispute.
  • • Likewise, ensure that the rights of ownership are registered in the local town council.
  • • The transfer contract must be made through a Notary Public.
  • • You must, in the first, place ensure that this owner has not already transferred his “property” to other persons before you.
  • • Our firm will assist with Due Diligence regarding the property, reviewing the contract of transfer of rights of ownership and the        process of requesting a concession.