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Benefits for a Private Interest Foundation in Panama


  • Good prices with current costs reasonable.
  • The registration procedure very fast.
  • Foundations as a requirement to join need as equity of US $ 10,000.00, at least, which can be increased with the contributions made by the founder or third parties.
  • Confidentiality in all aspects of the Foundation Easy to adjust for asset protection and excellent strategy for succession planning of a person.
  • The founder of the Foundation can be a natural or legal person. We can act as the Founder for you, but you will always have control over their assets.
  • A Private Interest Foundation offers a fiduciary power structure, but not limited to, transfer assets to beneficiaries after the founder dies.
  • A Foundation can continue to exist after the death of the Founder.
  • The Foundation achieves its objectives through a foundation requirement where objectives and customer preferences are explained. Such a requirement can be modified if the right to do so is established in the foundation charter.
  • Foundations can do business, practice their acquired rights, own property, have obligations and be part of the administrative or judicial process.
  • The assets of a foundation are legally independent of the Founder and once passed to the Foundation no longer belong to the founder; consequently, no action can be applied to founder because of them, more.
  • Once the assets are transferred to a foundation that can not be subject to any action, such as embargoes or preventative measures, even though they might be involved when incurred in failures resulting from the achievement of the objectives of the Foundations.
  • Incorporation, asset transfers, modification or dissolution of foundations are tax exempt. They can be structured to be revocable or irrevocable and accountability to beneficiaries is optional.
  • Foundations organized by another jurisdiction may be the force as foundations in Panama and vice versa, Foundations organized in Panama can be effective in other jurisdictions.