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Confidentiality Agreements


Judges in Panama would only take cases if they are reasonable within their lines of action. They would not be prone to get themselves involved in cases in which the rights of American or European citizens, or other foreigners, are violated on inadmissible premises. Confidentiality agreements must not be broken just because of unsubstantiated charges.

Therefore, the judge will need to confirm the possible evidence before breaking the confidentiality to seek. If no piece of solid evidence has been submitted, no judges will allow, stripping away the genuine rights of a person. Also, if a judge would agree to violate a confidentiality agreement without a valid reason (s)he may be endangering his/her career just for the sake of a whim. The decision would probably discard the notion because no single piece of hard evidence was given.

Let us suppose that you have been brought to court and you have conveyed to the prosecutor that you will provide him/her no details about a given corporation or foundation in Panama due to a confidentiality agreement you have entered into. The prosecutor is absolutely unable to oblige you to break your own agreement, only if the judge agrees based upon solid evidence.

For the abovementioned reasons, in all likelihood either the prosecutor or his/her client will be unwilling to seriously consider putting your confidentiality agreement at risk. Even if they were willing, they would have to contend with a predictably hostile judge. In these cases court injunctions in Panama are prone to work for you; just get a confidentiality agreement and relax because your way has been cleared of unnecessary disturbances.

Confidentiality agreements in Panama will help you to protect your interests and their cost is low. If you are interested in acquiring one, the cost will be less than three hundred dollars if the agreement is about a corporation; it will cost below five hundred dollars if such agreement is about a foundation.

The Firm will gladly make the preliminary version of your agreement, get it signed and approved by the corresponding persons. Be certain that you thoroughly read and understand any agreement before signing it, so that it works for you as it should be; otherwise neither you nor anybody else can be completely sure that the paper is a perfect instrument of your wishes.