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Migration Legislation – Laws and Decrees


Carles Barraza Law Firm has a deep understanding regarding visa procedures even naturalization in Panama . The firm has a group of lawyers specialized in the field, who are ready to assist in any type of visa you require, can be for : a new business in Panama , work permit, residence or to become a Panamanian citizen .

Please read the information below and feel free to contact Carles Barraza Law Firm if you have questions or need to clarify some information.


Request for Extension of Tourist

Entry Permit and multiple output of a non-resident

Permanent residents by economic reasons, Quality Own Economic Solution

Permanent residents by economic reasons, an Investor of Macro- Company

Permanent residents for Reasons Demographic , Family Reunification Married to Panamanian Quality ( a)

Permanent residents Demographic reasons , family reunification as a dependent of Permanent Residents

Permanent residents Special Policies , Quality of Retirees and Pensioners

Permits for foreign personnel hired by private companies within 10% of the regular staff

Indefinite Residence Permit , protected by the bilateral agreement between Italy and Panama

Permission for personnel hired by companies under the Marrakesh agreement

Temporary permits for investment reasons for Agricultural Investor

Temporary permits for investment reasons for Investor Forest

Temporary Permit for foreign personnel hired as an expert or technician within 15% of specialist staff

Temporary Residence Visa for Visitors

Temporary permits for Special Policy , Quality of Retired Investor / Obtaining Panama Passport